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"You are exactly where you are supposed to be"

About Lenore Soul Centered Astrology

Lenore started practicing astrology over 30 years ago.
She is the owner of Morning Light Bookstore and teaches Astrology classes through the Bookstore and On-line.
She is available for private classes, tutoring, and readings.

Soul Centered Astrology

This type of Natal (Birth) Chart reading helps the client understand the main energies that their soul chose this lifetime to express on Earth.

The Sun, Moon, and Ascendant are primary energies and they provide a clear understanding of why you are here on Earth. Energy is neutral – neither positive or negative. An individual’s consciousness (understanding of life), will determine our ability to manifest (create) and react to life’s events. Thus, making our lives easier or more difficult.

During this hour, we talk about your Big Life Lesson. Esoteric and Evolutionary Astrology believe that Life is a Learning Experience. They also indicate that we have a major life lesson to learn during the present lifetime. We are beings of free will and can chose to learn or ignore this lesson.

This type of reading can provide practical information as well: what types of vocations are most compatible with your energy; what areas of your life pose challenges; what areas of your life present the most opportunities; what are your passions? Predictive information is also included.

We are also able to see the beginning and ending of your personal cycles…. Pluto cycles represent: complete transformation at a soul level; Neptune cycles affect our creativity and intuition; Uranus cycles promote personal freedom and growth; Saturn cycles ask us to be responsible and disciplined; Jupiter cycles ask us to expand and enjoy; and Mars cycles indicate where our attention will be focused for 4-6 weeks.

It is my hope that your reading will be like a map… giving you some clarity and understanding at this very point in time in your life.

Additional readings available have an emphasis on astrocartography - evaluating your best geographic location, electional astrology - the timing of events, synastry astrology - comparing the relationship between two charts, composite astrology-a relationship chart between two people.

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